Day One - Thursday 26 May

08.30           Registration - Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)

09.15           Opening greeting – Brian Murray (King’s)

09.30                            Plenary 1 (Anatomy Lecture Theatre, K6.29)
Clare Pettitt (King’s) – At Sea 
                   Chair: Brian Murray

10.30           Coffee break – Anatomy Museum

11.00           Panel 1: Cultural Baggage – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Churnjeet Mahn (Surrey)
Kathryn Walchester (Liverpool John Moores) – Treading in Man’s [Textual] Footsteps: Nineteenth-century British women travel writers in Norway
Michel Ledger Lomas (Cambridge) – ‘In the Steps of St. Paul
Anne Green (King’s) –  Steaming Ahead? Writing about Rail Travel in Second-Empire France

12.30           Lunch – Anatomy Museum

13.30           Parallel Panels

Panel 2 : The Art of Travel – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Angela Byrne (NUI Maynooth & Toronto)
Vicky Mills (Birkbeck) – Reading, Viewing, Collecting: Extra-illustration and the ‘Museum of Rome
Amara Thornton (UCL) – Fathers and Daughters: Martin and Agnes Conway as ‘Educated Tourists’
Rosalind Leveridge (Exeter) – ‘A Vivid Wordless Narrative’: Travel by Lantern and Lecture, 1880-1914

Panel 3: African Excursions – K6.63
Chair: Kai Easton (SOAS)
Michael Faherty (Bedfordshire) – ‘Carlos Knows Africa’: The Curious Conversations of Sarah Lee’s The African Wanderers
Kate Compton (York) – Household Accounts: Professionalising the ‘Feminine Perspective’ in the Travel Writings of Lady Barker
Charles V. Reed (Elizabeth City State University, North Carolina) – (Re)Writing the Royal Tour in Colonial South Africa, 1860-1901

15.00           Break

15.05           Parallel Panels

Panel 4 : Romantic Routes – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Nicola Watson (Open University)
Gabrielle Kappes (CUNY) – Cartographic Contours: Mapping Place in Dorothy Wordworths’s Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland
Ivan Ortiz (Princeton) – The Mail-Coach and the Timetable: De Quincey and the Transports of History
Carl Thompson (Nottingham Trent) – Aesthetic Design, Generic Innovation and Gender Constraint in Early Nineteenth-Century Women’s Travel Writing: The Example of Maria Graham’s Journal of A Residence in Chile (1824)

Panel 5: The Sea! The Sea! – K6.63
Chair: Ian Henderson (King’s)
Chris Ewers (King’s) – ‘Visits at Sea are not like a Journey into the Country’: Travelling by Sea and Land in the Late Eighteenth Century’
Matthew Kerr (Oxford) – ‘The Sea’s Suspended Spray’: Traversing the Shore in Victorian Prose
Alison Wood (King’s) – Exotic Seas and Fathomless Depths: Reporting the Challenger Expedition (1873-6)

16.30           Transfer to Weston Room, Maughan Library, where coffee will be served

17.00           Plenary 2 (Weston Room, Maughan Library)
Dane Kennedy (GWU)Travel as Transport: the Logistics of Exploration in Africa and Australia
Chair: Kate Teltscher (Roehampton)

18.00            Special Workshop
Katie Sambrook (Foyle Library, King’s) – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Historical Collection, King’s College London

18.30           Wine reception, during which delegates are invited to view FCO Historical Collection.

20.00           Conference Dinner

Day Two - Friday 27 May

09.30           Parallel Panels

Panel 6: Cultural Baggage 2 – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Will Tattersdill (King’s)
Flora Wilson (King’s) – In Search of Grand Opéra: Verdi’s Don Carlos at the 1867 Paris Exposition Universelle
Melissa Dickson (King’s) – Competing Narratives of Time and History in the Works of Edward Lane
Philip Sidney (Cambridge) – The Import of Books on Scott’s Last Expedition

Panel 7: The Private Made Public: Journals, letters, notebooks – K6.63
Chair: Laurence Williams (Oxford)
Jonathan Gross (De Paul University) – Anne Damer’s Portuguese Travel Notebooks and the Construction of Genre
Hannah J. Sikstrom (Oxford) – Susan Horner’s Journeys, Journals and Gems: The Unpublished Accounts of a Nineteenth-Century Female Intellectual Traveller in Italy
Jessica Howell (King’s) – Nurses’ Travelling Identities: Letters from the West Indies and Africa, 1896-1914

11.00           Coffee break – Anatomy Museum

11.30           Parallel Panels

Panel 8: Dickens, London and Transatlantic Travel – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Bethan Carey (Birkbeck)
Eleanor Packham (Birkbeck) – Sailors’ Yarns and Shipboard News: Dickens at Sea in the 1840s
Catherine Malcolmson (Leicester) – Walking Dickens’s London: Travel Guides for the Literary Tourist
Matthew Rubery (Queen Mary UL) – Elizabeth Banks’s Journalistic Holiday

Panel 9: Cut and Paste: Photographs, Scrapbooks, Paper Dolls (K6.63)
Chair: Megan Murray-Pepper (King’s)
Hannah Field (Oxford) – The Grand Tours of Some Regency Paper Dolls
Debbie Challis (Petrie Museum, UCL) – The Archaeologist as Ethnographic Tourist: Flinders Petrie and his journey on the Nile in 1886-7
Renate Dohmen (University of Louisiana, Lafayette) – Penned, Painted and Pasted: Material (Re)collections of the ‘Shiny East:’ A Late Nineteenth-Century Travel Account by a Young British Woman in India
13.00           Lunch

14.00           Parallel Panels

Panel 10: Poetry in Motion – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Neil Vickers (King’s)
A. V. Seaton (Bedfordshire) – ‘In Italia - a tour for gentility’s sake’: Anapaestic Satire and the Socio-Political Functions of Tourism Representation in Regency England’
Nicolas Warner (Claremont McKenna College) – ‘Travelling Acts: Alexander Pushkin’s Literary Journeys’
Alison Chapman (University of Victoria, British Columbia) – ‘The Aura of Place: The Protestant Cemetery in Rome

Panel 11: Dramatic Vehicles – K6.63
Chair:  Louise Lee (King’s)
Muireann O’Cinneide (NUI Galway) – ‘Camels, Elephants and Motley Processions: The Hidden Costs of Imperial Transport’
Matthew Ingleby (UCL) – ‘a conveyance of some sort’: The Hand of Ethelberta and Transport Alternatives
Alicia Rix (UCL) – ‘The Humours of Cycling’: Bicycles and the Literature of Laughter in the 1890s’

15.30           Break

15.35                          Panel 12: Picturing Place – Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K6.29)
Chair: Malcolm Cocks (King’s)
Peter Garratt (Northumbria) – Geographies of the Eye: Ruskin’s Early Aesthetics of Travel
Julia K. Dabbs (Minnesota) – The Multivalence of May Alcott Nieriker’s Studying Art Abroad & How To Do It Cheaply
Simon Goldhill (Cambridge) – Looking back: Ottoman Photography and the Biblical Past

17.00           Coffee break – Anatomy Museum

17.30           Plenary 3 (Anatomy Lecture Theatre, K6.29)
Mary Beard (Cambridge)Perhaps our expectations were wrought up too high’: the excitement and disappointment of a trip to Pompeii
Chair: William Fitzgerald (King’s)

18.45           Closing Remarks – Mary Henes (King’s)